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Welcome to QuoVadis

Thank you for your interest in “QuoVadis” (QV). QV stands for “Quo Vadis”, i.e. the latin expression for “Where do you go?”

We have done our best to provide you with a software which makes orientation, GPS navigation and route planning a lot easier! You will soon discover the extraordinary features and the high degree of functionality this software can provide, and we are pretty confident that QV will soon become an irreplacable tool for your GPS, travel and outdoor adventures. Still, the fundamental question “where do you go?” is left to be answered by you but we provide the perfect tool to solve your navigational challenges.

Important Remarks

Please note that you should be familiar with basic priciples of cartography and navigation when using GPS technologies and corresponding PC software. Without such knowledge, the use of GPS and navigation software might be dangerous, especially in remote areas. QuoVadis Software GmbH cannot be made responsible for consequences which may result from a wrong application of this software.

GPS devices and PC software are certainly a great help in navigation. They can save time and effort when planning a trip and make navigation much more comfortable. However, you should never forget that technology can fail. So we strongly recommend to acquire basic knowledge in finding your way using a conventional map and a magnetic compass. Your GPS unit or PC may fail and even QuoVadis may produce errors despite the fact that we have taken the greatest care when programming this software.

Please interpret the results you get from QuoVadis and your GPS unit with a healthy dose of skepticism. Please also bear in mind that the coordinates that QV gives you, always refer to a specific coordinate system, map projection and map datum and can never be more accurate than the map you are using. Also note that even sophisticated GPS receivers can produce inaccurate or wrong positions under poor reception conditions.

What is QuoVadis ?

Basically, QuoVadis is a windows-software for navigation and trip-planning with a GPS using digital maps.

QV will run on any MS Windows® XP (with SP3)/Vista/Win7/Win8 PC or laptop with a Direct X - compatible graphic adapter with min. 256 MB video RAM. Due to the 3D capabilities of QuoVadis, we strongly recommend an up-to-date PC with a powerful 3D graphic adapter.

In Version 6, a couple of highly sophisticated features have been implemented. Here is a feature list for the QV Standard version:

  • Huge variety of calibrated own and third party digital maps available for all continents, which are ready-to-use in QV (see > Shop).
  • Choose from various map types such as street or highly accurate topo maps, satellite images or elevation data.
  • Optional NAVTEQ® map upgrades for routing and dynamic autorouting functionality available for Europe, Northern America, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia and Southern Africa.
  • “NAVTEQ® Navi” maps will allow for voice guided navigation according to various priorities: shortest and quickest route, route with smallest fuel consumption and individual route.
  • Use your own scanned maps.
  • Integration of public map sources like Open Street Maps® (OSM), Google maps®, satellite images like Google Satellite® and ECWP and WMS map servers.
  • Drag and drop any installed map simply on the globe and rotate and pan it to your desired orientation and position.
  • Full 3D functionality: View any map in real 3D! Just udjust the perspective and work in a continuous 2D-3D environment!
  • Real light and shading simulations with regard to day and time of the year. Alternatively, you can specify the azimuth and elevation of the sun manually.
  • Raster and vector overlay: Use as many maps in your map window as you like!
  • Choose from various sky animation options.
  • Real starfieled simulation: See the  stars which are visible from any point of the earth at a given date/time at their real places and in the true perspective!
  • Create or edit your waypoints, geocaches, tracks and routes by simple mouse clicks in 2D or 3D.
  • Store your geodata (e.g. waypoints, geocaches, trainings, tracks, routes) and maps along with the selected map layout in project tables.
  • Store and organise all your geodata (waypoints, geocaches, trainings, tracks, routes), maps and projects in the “QV X-Plorer”. This is a highly capable integrated database which allows you managing even very huge amounts of geodata with a perfect overview.
  • Fully compatible with the queries of®: Import your geocache queries to QV and filter directly in the QV database (all parameters selectable)!
  • Compatible with some sporting GPS units featuring training parameters (e.g. heart rate or cadence)
  • Upload all your geodata to compatible GPS receivers of leading brands with few mouse-clicks and start your trip.
  • Upload the maps to compatible GPS receivers of Garmin® (IMG vector or custom raster maps), compeTwoNav®, PathAway® and ape@map platforms and Giove/MyNav® GPS units (not available for all map products due to copyright restrictions).
  • GPS online mode with connected, compatible GPS receivers: view your location and watch your track in 2D or 3D on any map of your choice! Of course your track will be logged automatically in the database including position, speed, course and altitude.
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity for tracklogs or other geodata. You will always know when and where you have been!
  • Sophisticated track analyses and track editor functions including physiological parameters for ambitioned sportsmen like heart rate or cadence frequency (with compatible GPS devices only).
  • X/Y-diagrams for clear and attractive viewing of the data (speed-, heart rate or elevation plots over distance or time).
  • Colorcoding of such parameters in the track plot for a georeferenced visualisation of these parameters in the map in 2D or 3D.
  • Geocoding of digital photos along a tracklog through time stamp or geocoding information in the bitmap file header, icluding reverse geocoding.
  • Integrated worldwide geographic database: This is a powerful tool in order to locate places within a radius of 10 km even if they are not marked in your map!
  • Print any section of a map including your geodata and overlays in the scale of your choice and optionally with a grid overlay of your choice.
  • QV supports all relevant coordinate systems, projections and almost any map datum.
  • At any point on earth, QV will calculate the magnetic declination from geographic North.

Additionally the poweruser version support the following features:

  • Support of popular GIS formats (reading and writing of DXF- and SHAPE files) and sophisticated 3D analyzing tools.
  • Professional remote- and multitracking features with various GSM- and satellite based GPS-trackers.
  • Implementation of APRS® and AIS®.
  • Tracklog analysis of remotely tracked objects and automatic reporting in a spreadsheet format.
  • Integrated roadbook editor.
  • Multiuser databases with optional Valentina Server
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