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Manual Conventions

In this manual used conventions:

Bold written passages refers to menue items or elements in dialogues. Example: options - settings

Keyboard-shortcuts or buttons in the dialogues are illustrated as follows: Completing, Ctrl+F

Bold or Italics is used to highlight important aspects within a textblock.

Italics is also used for file- or pathname and for comments, which can be shown as a mouse-over-effekt.

Important instructions and notices were shown in a textbox to highlight the importance. These textboxes are also coloured for intensive highlighting. There are some more textpassages formatted with boxes accordingly:

This textbox contains important information.|

This textbox contains very important information. If you ignore this, important dates can be lost!

With this textbox valuable tips are characterised, which can maybe facilitate the work.

Some parts of the text are supplemented with comments. These can be recognized by this formatting.

Helps are shown at these boxes.

When a theme contains a short video, you find the link in these boxes.

Within text blocks relevant information is emphasized with underline. Underlines can be combined with italics.

A button of a symbol bar is illustrated with the belonging icon. Example:

Screenshots mostly are illustrated by reduced size; click on the graphic to see it in full size:
Top25 Germany and Top40 Austria as overlay

In individual cases screenshots have been created with older QV-versions. In these cases the underlying function has generally not changed.

In this handbook the functions of the actual [QV]-version are described. Please notice, that a previous version eventually does not support all described functions!

If necessary, you can purchase an upgrade for the next QV-version any time. You pay only the price-difference of the corresponding full versions.

You can find an overview of by QV-versions supported functions in the chapter New productline.

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