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Updates and Support (d)


Updates within the QV main release version are free of charge (in this case 7.x). These will include bug fixes and also some minor functional improvements.

These updates can be downloaded from our support forum at

In QV, an automatic check for updates is integrated. This will check our webserver for available upgrades through an internet connection, and in case of available upgrades, an info pop-up box will open from which you can directly download the file. If you have deactivated the automatic upgrade function, you can trigger this upgrade check using the function ? - Check QV.DE for a new Update from the main menue. After finishing the download, close QV and run the downloaded file to install the new version. All data and QV settings will remain!

QuoVadis is steadily being developed. Please check from time to time our support forum if new updates are available or use the automatic update check function in order to work with the latest version. Also, the PDF manual is subject of a continuous updating process. The actual version of the manual can be found in Wikipedia at


Support concerning product spectrum, updates, related prices, delivery and distribution of QV will be provided by your QV dealer.

All technical questions concerning installation and operation of QV should be addressed to our support forum at There you can contact the specialists concerning technical support, programming, distribution and marketing. The forum is open 7 days a week day and night.

Through this forum, QV users also interact and exchange their experiences. So the forum is a very valuable source of knowledge concerning all aspects of QV. Place a new question or start search query for contributions to your subject of interest. Usually you will get a competent answer very soon.

You will find a list of frequently asked questions here:


In case you encounter problems, unexpected behaviour or even crashs of QuoVadis, please check first if you are using the latest update.


The address of our website is There you will find details on our products and maps, and you can also download a demo-version, additional content and various manuals. A color scan service for paper maps (up to the size DIN A0) is also available there.

QV can only further evolve if we know your requirements and suggestions. We are always grateful for any hint concerning errors or for ideas for new functions. QV has emerged to such renowned navigation software only by the input of our customers and we would like to thank you for your contributions!

You can reach the QV author and head of support through e-mail at

Please always specify the software release number of your QV version when posting an inquiry. You find this under “? - About…” and also in the titlebar of the QV main-window.

Remote Support

In case of difficult problems with our software we offer billable remote support. Therefore we use the tool TeamViewer. Please contact us first to make an appointment. At the agreed time you can start Teamviewer easily by choosing Teamviewer of ? - Menue.

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