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Storage location of data

All user-specific data, QV configuration settings, licence data, databases etc. are stored in a central folder of your harddisk. By default, during a new program installation, the following destination will be appointed:

Common Documents\QV7_Data

If you were upgrading from QV6, this folder will remain:

Common Documents\QV6_Data

or even, if you were coming from TTQV5:

Common Documents\TTQV5_Data

In the following your data-file will be described as QV_Data.

In this QV_Data folder you will find at least the following subdirectories:

_lic This is the location of the licence file which you should backup from time to time and which you will need in case you have to reinstall QV. By simply restoring this *.lic file at its original place you can reactivate your QV software including all your maps without the need to activate every module once again!
Qu5 Here you will find all databases from the folder QV_Data in the X-Plorer under the identical file name and the extension *.qv5db.
System Here you will find all databases from the folder System in the X-Plorer under the identical file name and the extension *.qv5db.
Import, Export These are the default folders for data import and export.
Odb This is the default folder for the geographic databases.
Screenshots This is the default folder for the QV screenshot function.

Of course, you can create additional subdirectories in this folder.

It is highly recommended to make backup copies of this QV_Data folder on a regular basis!

If you like to shift this folder to another drive, manual editing of the Windows registry is required. Therfore we generally do not recommend to do so.

Experienced users can proceed as follows (example for Windows-XP):

  • Terminate QuoVadis and make a backup copy of the folder QV_Data
  • Create the folder in which you would like to have your QV data stored, e.g. D:\QVData
  • Copy all files from QV_Data to this folder, e.g. to D:\QVData.
  • Start the program regedit
  • Search the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\QuoVadis\7 section and the dir_mydata key and specify the path; - in this case D:\QVData\. This folder will be valid for all users on this PC.
  • In case you want different paths for various users, login with the corresponding user name and enter the new path in the section HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QuoVadis\7 within the key dir_mydata

During start-up, QV will first refer to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QuoVadis\7\dir_mydata. If existing and valid, this folder will be used. If not, the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\QuoVadis\7\dir_mydata will be checked. If this one is also not valid, QV won't start.

Attention: with other versions of MS-Windows the registry key to be edited may be a different one, example with Win7-64:

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