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Menues in main window

The following tables refer to all available functions and options of the pull-down menus.

If “…” follows the menu notation, this indicates that another dialog box will follow (which may be cancelled with the ESC button without further consequences).

Many commands can also be accessed through a hotkey or an icon in the symbol bar. These are listed in the 2nd and 3rd column of the table.

File Menu

CommandHotkey Icon Description
Toggle X-Plorer - Mapwindow F3 Switches between the X-Plorer and mapwindow. Thus, a quick switching between the active map window and the X-Plorer is possible.
Toggle between Mapwindows F2
Switches between various mapwindows. Thus, a quick switching between varous map types, scales or 2D / 3D is possible.
Calibrate Map…
Opens a map calibration window where the calibration of a given map can be altered or optimized. This routine will also be started automatically when opening a non-calibrated map. See chapter Calibrating Maps.
Opens the Print map window featuring several options for printing a map including all markings. See chapter Printing maps.
Map Export…
Opens the Map Export assistant featuring various options to export a map to compatible GPS devices or to a bitmap  file. See chapter Exporting Maps.
1.   ………………………. 2.   ………………………. n.   ……………………….

Following these menu commands, the maps and map layouts which you have been using most recently, are listed. Thus, you can reopen one of these maps without the need of searching them in the X-Plorer window.

Will terminate QV, save all settings in the QuoVadis 6a.ini file and exit the program.

New menu

CommandHotkey Icon Description
New waypoint…
image1603693714.jpg Will open an assitant for creating new waypoints.
Save map cursor as waypoint
image700276751.jpg Will save the actual map cursor position as waypoint.
New route…
image1125744094.jpg Will open an assitant for creating a new route.
New track…
image1556379184.jpg Will open an assitant for creating a new track.
New drawing…
image698054652.jpg Will open an assitant for creating a new drawing.
Edit marks ON/OFF Ctrl+E image297603673.jpg Opens the editor for markings. Using this editor you can edit very comfortably all kinds of geodata like waypoints, routes, tracks, drawings or geocaches. This icon has a switch function. For disabling the editor just click the icon once again.
Receive from GPS… Ctrl+Shift+D image411649025.jpg Starts the GPS data download assistant. See chapter Download of geodata from your GPS.
Import… Ctrl+Shift+I image1578306762.jpg Starts the data import assistant. See chapter Import of data.
Import new map CDROM automatically… 
image525746115.jpg Scans a CD/DVD or a directory for compatible maps and imports them automatically. For further details see chapter Importing maps to QV.
Import new map
image643201326.jpg Imports a single map file or a whole data directory. For further details see chapter Importing maps to QV.

View Menu

CommandHotkey Icon Description
Zoom 100% 1 Zooms the map to 100%, i.e. scales it to its original size, exactly as saved.
Zoom In + Zooms into the map, i.e. enlarges details.
Zoom Out - Zooms out from the map, i.e. will increase overview.
Zoom whole Map 4 Reduces the map size so that it is completely visible in the map window. Very large maps are only reduced to 5% of its original size.
Zoom centers cursor
image1244147199.jpg Switches the focus of the zoom function on the map cursor.
Open Map with larger scale Ctrl + Opens another map with a larger scale, i.e. a map with an increased level of detail. The map with the next larger scale relative to the current map will be opened.
Open  Map with smaller scale Ctrl - Opens another map with a smaller scale, i.e. a map which offers more overview. The map with the next smaller scale relative to the current map will be opened.
Open other Map with same scale F10 Opens another map with identical scale as the current map in case that another map type with the same scale is available.
Delete Marks Waypoint Marks Route Marks Track Marks Drawing Marks All Marks

fhbullets24.jpg fhbullets25.jpg fhbullets26.jpg fhbullets27.jpg fhbullets28.jpg

Removes all waypoints / routes / tracks / drawings from the map. To make them visible again, they must be replotted in the X-Plorer one by one by clicking on the icon. The elements will not be deleted from the database but only removed from the map. The icon at the buttom will remove all types of geodata with a single click.
Map overview ON/OFF
image730483616.jpg Will activate an overlay frames of the extensions of all available maps. The map frames which are shown is depending on the selected AutoMAP settings. See chapters  Map Overview and AutoMAP. This icon has a switch function, so a second click will remove the frame overlays once again.
North Arrow ON/OFF F8 A north arrow is displayed in the upper left corner of the map. The arrow shows the direction to true north, i.e. to the geographical North Pole at the map position of the  cursor (purple circle). This icon has a switch function, so a second click will remove the north arrow once again.
Display scale ON/OFF F9 Displays a scale bar on the upper and left margins of the map window with light and dark gray bars indicating the units. The scale changes will automatically adapt to the map scale and the current zoom setting. A second click will turn the scale bar off again.
Grid overlay ON/OFF
A grid overlay will be projected on the map with the current units and map datum. The distance between the grid lines is  set automatically. See Units futher down.
Map Legend ON/OFF Ctrl L Shows the legend key to the current map in an own window, if available. See chapter Map Legend.
Fullscreen F7
Maximizes the size of the QV main window by masking the symbol and status bar, so that as much space as possible is available for the map window. Clicking once again restores the original window layout.
Kyrillic Alphabet… F11
Shows the translation assistant for Russian maps. See Russian ordnance maps.
Night Screen Ctrl D
Dims the screen and the map display, mainly intended for the use with the GPS online mode during night. See chapter Display types in the GPS online mode.

In this submenu you can enable and disable all available toolbars.

GPS menu

CommandHotkey Icon Description
GPS Online ON/OFF (Driving mode) F4 Starts the GPS online mode. During a trip, the current position will permanently be indicated on the map. By default the track will be recorded. Also see chapter GPS online mode.
Tracklog… F5 Determines whether or not the track should be saved during the GPS online mode. Also see chapter GPS online mode.
Save position as WP F6 Saves the current position during GPS online mode and during track replay. A new waypoint will be created in the  Positions table of the GPS online logs database. Also see chapter GPS online mode and Track Replay.
Touchscreen mode
fhbullets14.jpg Activates the Touchscreen mode in order to remove all irrelevant commands and elements from the screen and to maximize the map window. If you use a Notebook/Tablet-PC with a touchscreen display, you can control QV user interface completely through the touchscreen. See chapter Touchscreen GPS online mode.

Multitracking menu

As a function of the Poweruser version this menu will be completed lateron in 2010.

CommandHotkey Icon Description
to be completed

to be completed

to be completed

to be completed

Options menu

CommandHotkey Icon Description
Search Point by Coordinates
Opens the Search a point dialog box in which you can search all the maps for a geographical coordinate. Also see chapter Search functions.
Search by Name Ctrl F Opens the X-Plorer Search window in which you can search all databases by name. See chapter Search functions.
image1176818004.jpg Opens the dialog box where you can specify all unit settings like coordinate system, units for distances, areas, depths and course reference (geographic or magnetic).
Geographic database
image669522237.jpg Opens a database with more than 5 million entries worldwide.
3D elevation options…
image862688918.jpg Opens a window with all 3D elevation options. In this window you can activate a color coding of maps according to elevation and slope, generate an elevation isoline overlay, adjust position, brightness and color of the sun, modify the resolution of the 3D modelling, and choose style options for the map  background/horizon. See chapter Map window for details.
image1489949129.jpg Opens the astronomy modul of QV where you can define if stars should be plotted on the horizon, their style, labels etc., choose a solar system and access a list with all actual positions of the sun, moon and all planets.
Project manager…
Switches the projekt manager ON or OFF. Through the project manager you have a comfortable control on the map layout and can select which maps and markings should be plotted in the map window(s) and also save or load predefined layouts. See chapter Project Manager.
Street Routing
Opens the Street Routing window to calculate a route automatically. A NAVTEQ-Routing or NAVTEQ-Navi map is required for this functionality. See chapter Street Routing for details.

Roadbook Editor
Starts the Roadbook editor. The Roadbook editor must be separately licenced. See separate Roadbook Editor documentation.

Control bar for the Google Earth interface. A special tool bar is available for this purpose: image1168919858.jpg See chapter Google Earth.
AutoMAP Ctrl M

Switches between the four possible settings of the AutoMAP function. The icon in the symbol bar will change according to the corresponding setting. Disabled. QV will not search for maps. Actual map table only. AutoMAP will only search in the map table where the actual map is located. Actual database only. AutoMAP will search in all map tables of the data base where the actual map is located. Enabled. QV will search in all map tables which are labeled accordingly. Enabled. QV will search in all map tables. See chapter AutoMAP.
image1674547912.jpg Opens a dialog box with general parameter settings for QV. See chapter Settings.

Window Menu

CommandHotkey Icon Description
Reorganize Windows Ctrl W
Arranges all loaded windows in an overlapping arrangement.
Side by side

Arranges all windows side by side.
One below the other

Arranges all windows one below the other.
Side by side (Map Window)

Arranges all map windows side by side.
One below the other (Map Window)

Arranges all map windows one below the other.
Tiles (Map Window)

Arrange all map windows in a row or grid order.
Size of map window…

Here you can enter a desired window size in pixel. Very useful for creating export files in a standardized size.
Size main window…

Here you can enter a desired size in pixels for the main window. Very useful for creating screenshots in a standardized size.
Rename window…

Allows to change the name of a map window.
1.   ………………………. 2.   ………………………. n.   ……………………….

Here all the currently loaded windows are listed with window titles. Selecting a window from the pull-down menu will bring it immediately to the front.
CommandHotkey Icon Description
Topic… F1
Opens the Online help and jumps to the topic of the active window. Whenever you press F1 you will get context-specific help in QV.
Keyboard shortcuts Shift F2
Displays all available keyboard shortcut commands in a table. Appendix Keyboard Commands
Check QV.DE for updates

Will activate an automatic check if new QV updates are available. This option requires an internet connection.
QV webpage

Will access the QuoVadis website. This option requires an internet connection.
QV support forum

Will access the QuoVadis user and support forum. This option requires an internet connection.
What's new?

Displays a list of new features and bug-fixes.
Video clips

Here you’ll find all available tutorials.
Memory info… Crtl I
Will display a list with relevant information on flash memory, cache and graphic memory.
Activation QV software and maps…

Will open a window to enter activation codes for QV or maps. See chapters Installation of QV and Unlocking maps.

Shows a summary on the QV release version used and all installed moduls including the corresponding serial no.'s. Please provide this information  with any support inquiry. Thanks!

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