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QuoVadis is able to load several maps and marks automatically when the program is starting. Under settings program you will find different options:


This is the standard setting. No maps are opened or marks loaded at the start.

Last opened maps or projekt

The map or the project, which was loaded at the shut down of QV, is opening again, when the program is starting the next time.

Autostart Database

The AutoStart database has a special function: At every start of QV, all data which are stored in this database are automatically displayed.

Basically, this is a normal database which is renamed in AutoStart. As every other database, the AutoStart database can contain as many waypoint, route, track, geocaching, training and drawing tables as you like.

Additionally, you can copy a map table to this database which, can also contain several maps.

  • Create a new map database.
  • Rename this database into AutoStart.
  • Delete all tables which you do not need.
  • Copy those tables from other databases to the AutoStart database which contain all elements which you would like to see after start-up of QV.
  • If a map of your choice should be opened along with the geodata, create a map table in the AutoStart database and copy the desired map(s) to this map table.

Autostart Projekt

You can rename every projekt into Autostart. This will be loaded when the program is starting again.

When the button Autostart projekt save when shut down is activated, QV creates a project with this name automatically, when you quit the program. This is the correct setting, when you like to have all maps and marks, which were opened at your last session, be loaded automatically during the program start.

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