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Map overlay

Besides the possibility to use multiple maps in one map window side by side, you have also the option for map overlays.

When opening various maps in the same map window wich overlap, this is in fact a map overlay. So there is no clear borderline between opening multple maps in one map window and map overlays.

From a classical point of view, maps overlays usually refer to a raster-vector map overlay. This is the case if you plot a NAVTEQ® map over an official topomaps or over satllite images. Onother example is an overlay of a Garmin® IMG vector map over a raster map. When doing so with our QV-NAVTEQ® maps you can selectively enable or disable various layers such as different road categories, railways, border or services (Open the Project Manager to make these selections). In contrast to that you can only enable or disable the entire map when using a Garmin® IMG overlay.

In order to apply a vector map overlay on a raster map just right-click on the opened raster map and choose Load map… from the pop-up menu. You can also just frag-and-drop the vectormap from the QV-X-Plorer into the open map window. Please also refer to Map Overview for another, easy way to manage Overlays.

If you want to make an overlay between raster maps, you right-click on the raster maps which you opened first and choose Open map as overlay from the pop-up menu. Select the map wich you want to use as an overlay and it will automatically open. (in fast you can also just drap-and-drop the map from the QV X-Plorer into the map window). The map which was opened  last will be on the top and mask other raster maps below. So an overlay between raster maps is only possible by making the map on the top transparent. To realize this, mark the map in the QV X-Plorer and click the Style image1276360624.jpg icon. Alternatively, you can also open the Project Manager by clicking the image1822546548.jpg icon öffnen, mark the map and and click the Style image326752843.jpg Icon. A window will open, please switch to the Overlay tab:


To make a map transparent just drag the General transparency slider to the position where the map display meets your preferences.

By enabling the function Make a map-color transparent, you can also limit the transparency to a certain color. Just select the color by clicking in the color sample field and specify a color tolerance value in order to define how accurately the color must be met.

You find an example for a raster map overlay below, showing Bing® Satellite Online maps and Russian army maps for south-western Libya:


Russian Army Map with 33% tranparency (left/upper) and 66% transparency (right/lower).

Hint: after you setup your map with several overlays you can save this as a project just with Save from the Project-Manager. Then you can reopen the whole set at once just by opening the saved project.
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