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Project manager

In order to keep the overview and facilitate orientation when working with several maps and different marks/geodata, the Project Manager has been created:


The Project Manager can be enabled and disabled with the icon (switch function). You can place the window freely on your screen or dock it to the QV main window. Similar to the X-Plorer tree window, all maps, layers and marks/geodata will be listed. By clicking on the + or - symbol you can include or exclude directory listings and tickmark the objects to be plotted in the map window (or prevent them form being plotted). In the toolbox at the top of the layer manager window, three buttons are available: X-Plorer, Show in map and Delete mark. Using these buttons you can either refer to the X-Plorer listing  of the marked element, view it in the map or delete the marking from the map. If you have a vector map opened, you can easily include or exclude certain layers (map topics like road category, river, forest, etc.) from the map view. Furthermore, by right-clicking on a layer entry, a pop-up menu will open where you can enter a threshold for visibility ranking from -5 to +5. This threshold will define the minimum scale setting for plotting this layer in the map when zooming in and out. |

Alternatively, you can use the Marks Toolbar to include or exclude certain layers and marks from map plotting:

Using the following icons you can:

disable all waypoints from being plotted in the map.

disable all routes from being plotted in the map.

disable all tracks from being plotted in the map.

disable all drawings from being plotted in the map.

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