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Online maps

QuoVadis 6 can use various online-maps. They are integrated completely in the normal map window, so the way of the presentations of this maps is not different to local installed maps. The data have to be loaded “Live” by the internet, so a fast internet connection (DSL) is required for using this maps.

QV manages one local cache per online map. One visited areas are loaded from the cache at the next time. Also without internet connection, for example during a trip, you can work with a map, if the cache contains the required tiles.
Some functions to fill up the cache and manage it you find in Stil-Assistenten of the map.

At the moment the following online-maps are integrated in QuoVadis 6:

  • Open Street Maps®
  • Google Maps® and Google Satellite®
  • Yahoo Maps® and Yahoo Satellite®
  • Bing Maps® and Bing Satellite®

Some of this products are also available as Hybrid card (Satellite image with overlaid roadmap) or as Relief map. Furthermore overlay functions with other card material are also available as for local installed maps.

Following, three samples to illustrate what QuoVadis 6 can do with online maps:

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