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 +====== Legend ======
 +QV can handle one map legend for each directory. You can view this legend by clicking on the Legend {{Images:​FHBullets67.jpg}} icon in the symbol bar.
 +For this purpose you have to create a bitmap with the scanned legend of the corresponding map in your Bitmap Editor program, i.e. Paint Shop® or Photo Paint®. Save this bitmap as a GIF, BMP, TIF or PNG file with the name LEGEND.BM in the map directory of this map and QV will show this legend in an own window after clicking on the Legend {{Images:​FHBullets68.jpg}} icon.
 +You can save another bitmap named HINTS.BM in the same directory which will be shown if you click the Legend {{Images:​FHBullets69.jpg}} icon with the right mouse button.
 +Additionally you can create legend and hint files in different languages. In this case name the files according to the following scheme, i.e. LEGEND_D.BM,​ LEGEND_E.BM and LEGEND_F.BM or HINTS_D.BM, HINTS_E.BM and HINTS_F.BM. QV will then show the file according to the language setting.
 +\\ Search order
 +First of all, QV will search for files in the map directory of your hard disk with the names LEGEND.BM and HINTS.BM, respectively. If these files cannot be found, QV will search for LEGEND_x.BM and HINTS_x.BM in the same directory.
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