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Garmin IMG and TDB vector maps

In the meantime we have a number of Garmin IMG vector maps in the internet. Many of the maps are free of charge. You can display these maps in QV as vector maps and also transfer them to every Garmin- chartplotter. For the import of those maps to QV look at the description in chapter import of maps to QV.

There are different types of Garmin-maps, which are supported by QV in different ways:

Type Map display in QV Load from QV to Garmin
Maps of type TDB or IMG, which have not to be unlocked by Garmin
For example free Garmin-maps, OSM, etc
Yes Yes
Older maps of type TDB or IMG, which have to be unlocked by Garmin
For example Topo Germany
Yes No
Recent Garmin-maps of type NT or GMAP No No

A Garmin-map contains mostly a TDB-file, several IMGs and eventually other files. The TDB is the “Main-file”, which is imported into the Xplorer and displayed as map. And this file is transfered also in the unit. IMGs are individual map tiles, which can be imported separately in QV and also be sended in the unit. Normally only the TDB is imported and sended.

Import as map

look Map-import

Send in Garmin

Please mark the requested maps in the Xplorer and choose Send in Garmin as map from the toolbar of the Xplorers. The IMG-Upload assistent opens, in which you have to choose the connected Garmin firstly.

On the second page you collect the requested maps:

The table shows the selected files. Now you can add additional maps per drag and drop from other tables of the Xplorers. You can also delete entries from the list by the Delete key. The whole necessary storage is shown below. Currently it is not possible to choose map tiles in the map window.

In the unit the maps are displayed in a special name, which is generated automatically. If you untick the boxes at Name Auto, you can also enter an own name.

Click on finish to start the transfer. Please note, that every map transfer deletes all in the unit saved maps, beside the basemap.

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