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After you have defined your starting and destination point, added all stop-over-points, defined your routing priorities and pressed the Calculate buttom, the result of the route calculation will be listed:

In the upper part of the window you will see the starting, stop-over and destination points. In the example shown above, these all refer to addresses which have been searched from the address database.

In the center part of the window you will find a list with all stations along the route, followed by a column wit the times traveled until this station and the cumulative distance to this point. Further to the right you find a description on the required navigation steps.

At the buttom of this window you find the summary statistics of your route like total length, total travelling time, total fuel consumed and related costs.

Additionally the choosen profile and routing priority is specified and also the no. of route segments and points.

If you are running several route calculations, you will find the results of your last calculation in the field to the right in order to fascilitate your choice.

Clicking the Show in map image551839435.jpg icon will swith to te map window and show the calculated route. When clicking the zoom to entire route image2072847221.jpg icon, the zoom level will be adjusted in order to show the whole route.


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