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 +====== Supported products ======
 +QuoVadis 7 supports data exchange with all PDAs and smartphones which can read and write or import and export geodata in the GPX format.
 +Furthermore,​ the following plattforms and software products allow for a direct data exchange using the proprietary formats of these products:
 +  * [[http://​http://​​QuoVadis-Mobile-fuer-Windows-Phone|QVM - QuoVadis Mobile]]\\
 +  * TwoNav
 +  * ape@map
 +  * Pathaway
 +For exchanging geodata, please use the procedures which are described in the chapters [[en:​50_gps:​d_upload|Upload of data to the GPS]] and [[en:​50_gps:​c_download|Download of data from the GPS]] or in case of plattforms which do not alllow for a direct communication,​ the procedures for data exchange in the GPX format which are described in the chapters [[en:​95_imexport:​b_export|Export]] and [[en:​95_imexport:​c_import|Import]].
 +Concerning platforms which support raster map display, you find a description for uploading such maps from QV to your mobile unit in the chapter [[en:​35_maps:​g_export|Map export, Printing]].
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