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Track statistics

Besides a more detailed analysis, a quick summary statistics of tracks or trainings is of special interest.

In QV Version 6, a new statistics function has been implemented which you find in the X-Plorer symbol bar between the list and details windows:

image442677099.jpgWhen you click the Track statistics image1126928097.jpg icon, a window will open where you can choose the parameters which should be included in the statical anaylsis:

Just tickmark the parameters of interest and click the OK button. The selected parameters will then be added as additional columns in the X-Plorer List window:

Remark: The columns will be added to all tracks of the current track table. However, the values will only be calculated for the tracks which have been marked before selecting the Track calculation function.

It is also woth to note that sorting the datasets of a track or training according to the various parameters will also give valuable information when interpreting data.

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