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This function replaces and expands the track and multitrack replay function known from previously released QV4.

The simulation is time-based, i.e. you may choose a point of view and QV will display the tracks like they were at that point of view. Literally speaking it is like a time-machine. Moreover you can run the animation at a freely definable pace, which will make the courser flow along the track.

Sounds abstract, but may easily be explained using this example:

  • Display one or more tracks on a map.
  • Ensure all tracking points contain time-related information.
  • Right-click on the name of the track or a track point on the map and choose Simulation… from the context menu.


In the first input field Date, Time you will see the time of the track point, which you have chosen. The map will also display an arrow in the color of the track.

You may now “play” with time and enter a different time in Date, Time, e.g. one minute later. Immediately, the arrow will be in position corresponding to this new time.

You have done this before: Pick an arbitrary time in simulation mode and the arrow in the map will position itself and adjust accordingly.

Feel free to pick any other track point and use Simulation… to go to any other point in time.

Use the Reset function to stop a simulation and return to the current time.


If you pick Run, the simulation starts with whatever pace you have chosen and the arrow constantly adjusts based on the current position. Choose Pause to temporarily stop the animation.

If Loop is enabled, the presentation will start from the beginning again once it is completed.

Use the slider to adjust the pace of the animation. The very left position of the slider (Sec) will display the animation in realtime, i.e. one second in the simulation corresponds to one second in reality. Moving the slider to the right will increase the speed of the animation. Moving the slider to Min for example means that one second of the animation is equal to one minute in reality and so on.

The second slider will allow you to forward and rewind at any time, in case you want to display an interesant part of the animation again. Left-click the slider and adjust accordingly. Unselecting the slider control will reset the pace of the animation and return to normal pace.

In the bottom part you will see a small table. This table contains a list of all tracks, that are currently in the time interval. If the checkbox is ticked, the arrow will be centered in the map and the time of the simulation will be restricted to the duration of the track. Double-clicking the entry will set the time back to the start of the track.

Note: If time moves beyond the end of a track, this track is removed from the list. To prevent this from happening, enabled the checkbox in the table.


If the astronomy module is enabled, the position of the stars will be rendered at the specific point in time. This does allow you to see the stars at a particular location and time.

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