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Management in the X-Plorer

In QuoVadis 6 you can assign additional information to every waypoint, track, trackpoint, route, geocache and map. Such information can be weblinks, bitmaps or any other document or file. QV will store such links in the database, organizes them comfortably and can also print them in maps.

Such links are stored and handled in the X-Plorer details window under the tab Links. There,all assigned links are listed and illustrated with a symbol or thumbnail in case of photos, the name and storage location.

You can add additional links by a simple drag-and-drop operation from other applications such as the WINDOWS Explorer or a webbrowser. Just tear the element from there to the X-Plorer window and drop it under Links.

Additional information can be found in the drop-down menu Links :

Add file…Select a file from the harddisk and add it as a link.
Add URLSelect a webaddress and add it as a link.
Delete… or Del buttonDelete the link which is marked in the link table.
Coordinates in exif information… Geo-Tagging, writes coordinates and latitute of chosen elements in all pictures linked to those elements. Uses the external tool ExifTool by Phil Harvey to include EXIF information in the header of JPG images.
Thumbnails of pictures Enable or disable thumbnail previews of pictures.
Bitmaps intern anzeigen Enable or disable the QV-internal image previewer. If disabled, the computer's default program for displayin pictures will be run.
Nur Einträge mit Links zeigen If enabled, only linked elements will be diplayed. Allows you to quickly remove all unlinked elements.

You can open a link by a simple double-click on the list entry. Thereafter, the link will open the default application for this file. When switching to the URL tab, weblinks can also be displayed directly in the details window:

Just select the address of your choice from the small menu at the buttom of this window.

In order to assign multiple photos to a track, a special function is available. For more details see Photos along Tracks.

Map display

In a map, links will be displayed as a symbol or, in cases of photos and bitmaps, as a miniaturized thumbnail closeby the point to which it is assigned:

You can position the symbol however you like with the Maus (drag-and-drop). However, this requires that you switch to the Edit mode.

If you double-click on the symbol in the map, the link will open.

Please also note that you can modify the size and style of linked symbols through style options. For more details, please refer to Marks.

Picture viewer

The QV-internal picture viewer normally attaches itself right to the main window. The following functions are available:

Moving the mouse while clicking the left mouse button or using the arrow keys Moving the currently display window
Scrolling the mouse wheel or using the +/- keys Zoom in or zoom out
Double click Opens the standard and previewed application for displaying this picture
Button 1 Zoom: 100%
Button 2 or + Zoom in
Button 3 or - Zoom out
Button 4 Display entire picture

Differences to QV4

If you are importing databases from QV4, the links previously contained in the info field will be automatically converted to the new links structure of QV6 and will no longer be stored in the info field. This means that the links contained in the info field of QV6 can be removed.

Moreover the thumbnails generated by QV4 and stored in the folder qv_thumbs are now obsolete. As QV6 generates thumbnails dynamically if needed, the thumbnails may be deleted.

In the list viw, QV4 marked entries green that contained further information in the info field. This functionality has been removed from QV6. Thus in order to determine which entries have links attached to them, you may display and sort by the column Links to identify those entries having links attached to them.

Hint: Following a hard disk replacement or other sort of database disruption, you can go to Options - General - Folders to define the folders in which QV should look for image files in case they cannot be found in the folder defined.

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