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Photos along tracks

With this function, you can realize an automatic assignment of multiple photos along a track. The photos will be linked with the corresponding trackpoint.

Some requirement must be given:

  • The photos must be in the JPG format and the so-caled Exif Header must be available in the file. In this header all digital cameras store metadata to the photo like date/time and exposure, etc.
  • You GPS track must include plausible date/time information. For example, some older Garmin models store such information only in the Active-Log but not in the Saved-Logs.
  • You must be able to specify an offset between GPS time and the time of your digital camera.

This is how you proceed:

  • Select the track in the X-Plorer window
  • Click the camera icon in the details window to start the assistant:

On the first page of the assistant click the Select button and mark all photos which should be assigned. If you click on any entry in the list, you will see a preview of the photo to the right und you will see details on the Exif header entries in the field above. Thus, you can quickly check the photos and mark whatever those which seem adequate. Using the del button, you can also unmark a photo which you have already selected.

In case you can tell for a particular photo exactly the date and time, mark this one and click the button Set as master-photo. See the next step of the assistant for more details:

On this page you have to specify the time difference between the camera and the GPS time. If you have assigned a master photo, please enter the GPS date and time when this photo has been taken in the corresponding field.

Tip: Make a photo of the display of your GPS unit with the status information which also includes the GPS time. Thus, you have the perfect master photo.

Please also add a maximum temporal offset. All photos where the time difference to the next trackpoint is larger than this value will not be displayed. This makes sense to avoid that photos are linked which have not been taken while you GPS tracklog was active and which might have been taken at another place.

Then, please click Start to start the procedure. The software switch Remove all existing links will define whether existing links along the track sshould be deleted or not. If the switch is enabled, links which existed before will be deleted. If disabled, the new photos will be added as links. This is especially useful if you work with several cameras and/or want to assign your photos in various sessions.

At the end of the process you will see a status message which specifies how many photos have been linked. Up to this stage, the design of the original track has not been modified. So, at this stage you can still cancel the function wthout consequences. After clicking Done, the links will be added and stored in the database.

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