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settings for several functions of the program


General settings: The button “Reset All Settings” QV is back to its original state.

Assistance program settings: You can also set your own paths. For example, for the “Exif Tool” which is in the program directory of QuoVadis. (LW:\WINDOWS\QuoVadis\exiftool.exe) A command can be in the second window, if you want, “overwrite_original” is entered.

Settings directories: Here is the directory set in the QV should look first to linked images, for example. (LW:\Shared Documents\QV6_Data\IMG) But it can also be entered if the path to the Waypointsymbols own. (LW:\WINDOWS\QuoVadis6\Supplement\symbols\ or LW:\WINDOWS\QuoVadis6\Supplement\symbols\CompeGPS\CompeGPS symbols for example)

Map window

Camera Settings: Crosshair - Screen: Hides the crosshair in the middle of the map. Crosshair - Mouse: Shows the Crosshair with Mousecurser on Sreen. Mouswheel reverse-zoom: Turn the zoom using the mouse wheel to.

Focus settings: With the button “Show Logo” the selected logo will be displayed at a map and export the map in the map window.

The switch to “Map status bar - Tansparent”, turns the entire status bar transparent so you can see behind it show through the card.

Markings settings: Here you can select a different “default” set style icon of your choice for waypoints, Geochache, Routes, Tracks and GPS tracklogs online.


Performance: In the value field “Database” Global cache in MB “can you get more performance if you have a well upgraded PC, the default value may increase to 100 MB.

A set hook in the “Allow overlap” can be zoomed in far-out map, lying close to each other waypoints are visible.

For Netbooks or current desktop PCs you can enter for the “Max frames per …” a higher value (possibly 30-35) for smoother shifting the card set. The different “texture filter” change the face of the map in the map window.

All other choices are for the standard users to please keep so!

For all “sliders” is the small D, the values ​​back from standard.

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