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Allthough QV can upload geodata to many GPS units directly (see chapter GPS), there are several cases where an export of geodata like waypoints, tracks, routes, etc. in a universal format is required. This can be the case if you want to provide geodata for other software plattforms or for an upload to an Internet platform or as an e-mail attachment.

QV supports a data export in many formats. These include: GPX, LOC, Compe, KML/KMZ, TomTom, Garmin-GPI

Over the years many different formats have evolved. However, only the GPX format has established as a universal one.

Therefore we describe here the export of track in the GPX format as an example which is frequently used for internetGPS data exchange platforms.

However, exports in other formats are done in the same way.

To perform the export, please proceed as follows:

  • Mark the geodata to be exported in the X-Plorer and klick the Export image522158120.jpg icon. A Data Export Assistant will open. In the first window of this assitant you have to select the export file format of your choice and to define a  file name including directory path. Click Continue to skip to the next windows of the assistant which is reserved for future options and currently not used. Click Continue to proceed:


  • In the third window of the assistant you can activate additional options to be performed after the data export like opening your file manager (i.e. Windows Explorer) or starting an external program. Then start the export by clicking Finish (You can also start the export directly from the first or second assistant window if you do not want to change anything on pages 2 or 3). Thereafter a progress bar will visualize the status of the export. When the export is done, all relevant information is summarized in the last assistant window:


  • You will now find the file in the defined export directory and open it with another software, upload it to an internet GPS platform or use it as mail attachment.

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