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Entering coordinates

In QV4 we were informed sometimes, thta it is not comfortable to enter new coordinates, because we have tried to work in structured requests with separated fields for example with degrees/minutes/seconds. It was difficult for many users, “to write continiously”, not good for fast requests. Now we are going a new way in QuoVadis 6. Without time waste because of symbols like °, '. “, you can now write continiously. The problem is, that it is completely different as before and you have to know why. This reminds me (for old QV4 hands) the story with “how can I switch from N to S or O to W”? In fact this is ingeniously and trivial … if you know how.

As an example we choose the fields for coordinate entering for the calibration. I like to mention, that the fields “operates” also some more other enter variations as you find here, but I only show you here the easiest version! Such an entering field for the calibration needs always one point, that means a value pair of longitude and latitude, for example (DDDMMSS.S):
N50° 20' 20.2” / O9° 30' 40.4“
that means:
50 degrees north, 20 minutes, 20 comma 2 seconds / 9 degrees east, 30 minutes, 40 comma 4 seconds
If you like to enter this into such a field for a coordinate point, then it is the most easy way to write the following:
50 20 20.2 9 30 40.4
Did you recognized the figures in comparison to he example above? We have to add, that you can show the value for the southern hemisphere, which is located west of 0°N, when you select a ”-“ or you can select the appropriate letter, that means, for example:
S50° 20' 20.2” / W9° 30' 40.4“
you enter
S50 20 20.2 W9 30 40.4
or also
-50 20 20.2 -9 30 40.4

As you have entered the point on the map or the ready calibration is saving, the enter will be changed into a “beautiful” notation, with the use of °, ' ”. Examples for this you will find below.

The example above refers to the version DDMMSS, the same principal applies also to the other versions DDMMM and DDDDD.

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