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DEMs don't work

There are DEMs (digital elevation models) installed in QuoVadis 7 but you can't see altitude data below the cursor or at new created tracks, 3D doesn't work:

Eventually the DEM entries in the QuoVadis 7 data bank are incorrect which could have happened when your elevation models were adopted from an older QV sofware. Or the DEM was imported incorrect with an older version of QuoVadis 7 and the current version can't read these entries.

In this case delete the DEM from the QV-Xplorer, restart QuoVadis 7 and reimport the DEM.

The best way for QuoVadis 7 to work with elevation models is with the file types *.gmg (Globalmapper) and *.qv5db. Here you can find different adequate DEMs for free downloading and usage with QuoVadis 7:

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