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No map visible

You have installed maps in QuoVadis 7 and selected them in QV-Xplorer for viewing. But there is no map visible on screen, the screen appears just white:
Press “F4”(entire map) on your keyboard to make certain, that you do not look at a portion of you mapfile that carries no map details.

If this does not help, you may have installed no proper gaphics-card driver in your Windows:
Your Windows may run with a “generic” driver, ie a driver, the operating system installs as a workaround if the Windows setup has incorporated no specific driver. These Generic drivers are not sufficient to display maps in QuoVadis 7. You then need to download and install the correct graphics card driver from the website of your graphics card manufacturer or the maker of your PC. You can determine that there is no proper driver installed for your Windows by checking Windows “control panel / System / Device Manager”. In the section “VGA-Card”, if you see an entry like “default VGA” or “generic VGA” or “standard VGA ”, i. e. an entry without any hardware or manufacturer specific wording, then you need to search for and install the proper VGA driver.

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