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The GPS-online-modus is determined as a navigation-modus for driving conditions. With a connected GPS-receiver QV shows the own position on the map in 2D and also in 3D-modus and offers much more functions of the navigation. For Car-PCs with touchscreen-display a special “Touchscreen-Modus” is available, which reduces the display to the minimum, shows the map in maximum size and the required functions you need in this modus are on large buttons, easy to find per finger.

To service a pc during driving reduces your conzentration on the traffic, the route and the site. Please stop driving, if possible, to work in QV or let your co-pilot do the pc work, it´s for your safety!

Assistent GPS-Online

Firstly you have to make some general settings, as selection of the GPS-unit, style, save intervall of the tracklog etc. Select Settings from the GPS-Online menue to open the GPS-Online assistant.


On the first page of the assistant select the GPS-unit. If the button AutoScan is activated, QV tries to find a connected unit automatically. Accordingly to the selection all units are searched and displayed in the list, what was found. The base setting is Manufacturers = Automatic and Port = Automatic, so it is guaranteed, that all supported units were found.

Configurate GPS-receiver manually

The auto-scan of all ports takes a little time. The scan of all ports is necessary, if different GPS-units or other (USB)ports are used. If it is a build-in GPS receiver or a GPS-mouse, which is always connected with the same USB-port, the port can be configurated manually. Hereby the GPS search is starting with this port directly and the GPS-Online-Modus can be started in shortest time. The assistant displays the COM-port and baud rate after a successful scan. To configurate the COM-Port manually, click on the small blue button in the window “Port:” and select “Serial”.

Please adapt the given information as the following example shows:

When the general setting is done, select the check box “AutoScan”, “Auto start if connection GPS activated”, then you will receive your actual position in the map displayed after a short time and pressing the f4-button or the button of the menue (If your GPS-receiver has reception).

The button Start automatically if connection to GPS controlls, if the GPS-online-modus should start immediately, when the GPS was found, or if the assistant should be opened for some more settings:

On When the GPS gwas found, the assistant will be closed and the GPS-online-modus will be started within the actual settings immediately. This is the recommended setting for car-pcs.
Off The ssistant stays open and you can controll and change all settings. The GPS-online-modus is not started, until the assistant is closed with the button complete.

Style, Tracklog

During the drive QV saves the own position in the tracklog, if tracklog is activated in the GPS-online-menue .

With the settings in Tracklog all savings you control, how detailed the tracklog is saved. Several criteria are available:

Time intervall in seconds Hereby a regularly save all X seconds can be configurated.
Attenuation for new position in meters Because of the fast movement of the GPS-satellites, the receiving conditions are changing currently, so that also the standby of the vehicle has some variations of the own position. With this parameter you can reduce the variation rate, every change in position, which is lower than the configurated value will be ignored.
Distance in meters On long routes without changes in direction, for example on the highway or on the sea or during flight, you can adjust, that all x meter a track point should be saved.
Direction changes in degrees As the course changes more than the adjusted degrees a track point will be saved. A low value here in combination with a high value for the distance, for example 2° / 2000m ensures, that very effizient tracklogs are saved, that means only several points but detailed reflection of the covered route.

The adjustments can be used singularly or combinated, please activate the parameters easily with the checkbox. If you have activated several criteria, a trackpoint will be saved in this moment, when it meets minimum one of the criteria.

At Style you can select the colour of the tracklog and the symbol of the own position. The Speed circle is an optional circle, which is drawn around the actual position. It has the radius, which is based on the distance, that can be reached by the actual tempo in the selected time-intervall in minutes. Additionally a course line with a doubled lengths will be displayed in the map.

Other options


On the third page of the assistant you will find following settings:

AutoStart at QV-Start If On, the GPS-Online-Mode will start together with the start of QV, This option is suitable for Car-PCs, which QV starts per Windows-Autostart automatically when you switch the motor on and like to start off directly.
Tracklog-Savings always activated If On, the tracklogs in the database are activated basically, no matter what the button tracklog in the menue shows.
Start in the touchscreen-modus If On, the GPS-Online-Mode will start in the touchscreen-mode, if Off, you can activate the touchscreen-mode naturally any time afterwards with in the GPS-Online-Menue.
Factor Display % With this you can adapt the size of the text and the symbols in the touchscreen-mode.
Hide the menue to The menue in the touchscreen-mode will close automatically after the expiry of the time period.
Close all docking-windows In the touchscreen-mode the map window is maximized and all other windows are closed. When you switch it OFF, eventually opened andocked windows, as for example the project manager or the search-window, are not closed and can be used also in the touchscreen-mode.

You determine, in which way QV should bring you to the goal:

Air line - Offroad Only the direction and air line - distance to the next goal is displayed. This option functions always, no special maps are necessary, it exists no speech output. With the button “Draw line to the goal” a direct line from the actual position is drawn to the next goal in the map.
Route-Navigation: Shortest road-route, time, eco and individual For this a navteq-map with the licence “Navi” is necessary. QV calculates a road route accordingly to the routing option and leads you with exactly turn-by-turn-navigation and optionally speech-output to the goal.

The button Asking each time controls, if you like to see this dialogue everytime, when you determine a new goal or if the established setting should be adopt automatically.

Arriving at RWP [<m] With this parameter you control, how near you would like to meet or must meet the route-waypoints. Depending on the area/event/purpose it can be necessary, to meet the points exactly, then you should put in a little value, or it is enough, if you pass the waypoint in the near, then the value can be higher. QV changes only then to the next point, if the previous entered point with a distance in meters is lower than it has been passed.
RWPs has to be reached If this button is OFF, you can miss a RWP and focus directly to the next RWP. Once your distance to the next RWP is lower than the distance to the actual RWP, QV jumps automatically to this. If the button is ON, QV does not jump to the other RWP, but stays on this point until you reach it or switch to the next point manually.
Draw line to the goal If it is ON a small line is drawn from the actual position to the next RWP.
Off-Route Meter When you remove from the calculated route for more than the here entered meters, either with intention or because you have failed the route, QV jumps into the off-route-mode and does not give you further instructions.
New calculation of the route automatically If ON, QV calculates immediately a new route, if OFF you will get only a notice, that the route has been left and a new calculation is necessary.


When the speech-output is activated, QV tells you the driving instructions. On this page you can select your favorite voice and some other parameters.

Principally you have to install the voices on your pc. QV supports two speech-engines

Microsoft Text To Speech-Engine This is already installed on the most Windows-PCs with a default-voice, which is only able to read english text. But in the interent you will find some companies, which sell more voices, also in other languages. As an example look at this company Cepstral.
LogoX-Engine This speech-engine is known from QV4. It has to be installed separately. Please start qv4setup_speech.exe in the file \Speech of your Navteq-DVD.

Select at Engine teh favorite speech-engine and at Voices of the favorite voice. Additionally you can control volume and tempo. With the button Test you can hear an text-example.

Notice: You will get the speech-output from the standard audio-unit of your pc.


Before you start driving, please check, that your GPS-Unit is ON and start the GPS-Online-Mode with F4 or the button from the menue :

  • the assitent GPS-Online opens and QV searchs the adapted GPS
  • if found and Start automatically when connection to GPS is ON, QV starts
  • if found and Start automatically when connection to GPS is OFF, please start by click on Complete.

The window GPS-Online with the toolbar and the summary of the most important status information opens now and dock on on the right. Furthermore the actual position is displayed in the map:

Functions of the GPS-Online-Menue
Turns in the Touchscreen-Mode
Shows the position and Nav in the map
MOB- (man-over-board), saves the actual position as waypoint, also with F6, saves immediately an new waypoint of the actual position in the table GPS-Online\positions and displays it also in the map.
Switches, when ON, the racklogs in the database are saved accordingly to the actual settings. You can turn the tracklogging on or off everytime during the current operation and you can change the setting on your own priorities.
Switches, when ON, the map will be moved so, that the actual position is visable in the middle. When OFF, you can move the map, to check for example the further route.
Switches, when ON, the map will be turned so, that the actual navigation-goal is above.
Switches, when ON, the map will be turned so, that the actual navigation-goal is above.
If both switches are not On, you can turn the map in every direction you like, for example with the button “N” to the North.
Takes the actual cursor-position as the next goal to your navigation
New-calculation of the actual route, for example when the calculated route was left
Calculates a new goal for the navigation from the actual position, for example in a special distance and direction
in preparation
Deletes the actual goal and stops the navigation
Opens the assistant GPS-Online, to change some settings, for example the Tracklog-Intervall.


In the touchscreen-mode the display is reduced to the main parts:

  • Map is maximized with the own position
  • yellow status bar on the top of the field with speed, course, height, time, position and GPS-Fix
  • Menu-Button on the left top, to open more functions

Functions in the touchscreen-menue

The touchscreen-menue should offer you a fast access to the most important functions during the drive. You have extra big buttons, so you can operate it surely with your finger.
Click on the yellow, round button Menue, or somewhere on the yellow display bar, to open the touchscreen-menue.

  • when you don´t select a function, the menue will close after 10 seconds automatically.
  • some functions, for example zoom, map centering, can be clicked on several times, the menue stays open.

When you have activated a navigation-goal, QV shows you a list with the stations in the table on the left corner of the window:

The table contains the columns:

Nr. Number of the station
Time The time left to the station in seconds, shortly before you are reaching the station, further in minutes or hours.
Distance The distance left to the next station in meters, shortly before you are reaching the station, further in kilometers.
Orientation On Navteq-routes a symbol, which shows, how you have to drive there, on airline-routes the course to that point.
Station A detailed driving instruction.

The yellow line shows the next station in the list, the grey lines are those which are behind us, white lines are the followings. By double click on a line you can view the station in the map.

When you have selected a route for the navigation, you can focus on a special point directly and with that you can skip the automatical switch to the next point. Therefore please click with the right mouse taste on the station, which should be adressed directly and select Next goal of the Popup-Menue. QV navigiert nun direkt dorthin und diese Station wird orange hinterlegt in der Tabelle dargestellt. Das automatische Weiterschalten zum nächsten WP ist jetzt ausgeschaltet, bis Sie diesen Punkt erreicht haben, d.h. näher dran sind als in Einstallungen “Off-Route Meter” (4. Seite im GPS-Online Einstellungen) gewählt wurde.

Die Tabelle enthält ein Popup-Menü, welches durch Klick mit der rechten Maustaste auf eine Station öffnet:

In Karte anzeigen Springt in der Karte zu diesem Punkt und setzt den Karten-Cursor dort hin.
Als nächstes Ziel setzen Setzt diesen Punkt als das nächste Ziel, welches angesteuert werden soll. Wenn es erreicht wird, springt QV automatisch auf den darauf folgenden Punkt um und fährt normal mit der Automatik fort.

Im Touchscreen-Modus ist die Anzeige deutlich sparsamer und auf das wesentliche reduziert:

In der oberen, rechten Hälfte des Screens sehen Sie groß und deutlich jeweils immer nur die Informationen zur nächste Station. Dies entspricht also der gelben Zeile in der Tabelle.


Im GPS-Online-Modus können sämtliche Karten sowohl im 2D als auch im 3D-Modus benutzt werden, auch sämtliche Overlay-Funktionen stehen zur Verfügung. Die Karten können mit den üblichen Funktionen gezoomt, verschoben, gedreht und im 3D auch gekippt werden.
Bei aktiviertem Schalter “Position in Karte Zentrieren” wird dabei der Kartenausschnitt immer so eingestellt, daß die eigene Position im 2D ungefähr in der Mitte und im 3D im unteren, vorderen Drittel liegt.
Aus Gründen der Fahrsicherheit wird beim Kartenwechsel kein Assistent eingeblendet, die neue Karte wird also immer im aktuellen Modus geöffnet. Ein Modus-Wechsel von 2D nach 3D ist also währenddessen nicht möglich. Hierzu beenden Sie bitte den GPS-Online-Modus, öffnen Sie die gewünschte Karte im gewünschten Modus und starten Sie den GPS-Online-Modus wieder.

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