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Roadbook Editor

The roadbook editor is similar in its function to the previous version of QV2/3/4, but it has been modernised and expanded very much in its creative possibilities. Die grundsätzliche Arbeitsweise ist wie bei der Vorgängerversion. Bitte lesen Sie daher zuerst die Doku des RBE2, die Sie als PDF hier finden.

  • Free choice of text style, size and colour in the information field
  • Adding of pictures and textes mixed in the information field
  • Easy selection of own symbols for drawing
  • Editing the drawings to complement them with many other contents, which are not able to be modified with the fixed tools
  • Easy creating of new roadbooks with kilometerage of existing GPS-tracks
  • Compact fileformat for an easy transfer of roadbooks completely with all symbols and pictures
  • and much more

The well known functions of the previous version has been, of course, taken over:

  • Millimetre precision
  • WYSIWYG-creation
  • Automatically creating of roadbooks based on GPS-routes

The roadbook editor is completely integrated in QV6 and can not be purchased separately as an own program any more.

Creating new roadbook

Please select roadbook editor from the menue options or , to start the editor with an empty roadbook.

Creating roadbook from a route

Please select the preferred route in the QV-Xplorer and then Copy in roadbook from the popup menue. For every route-WP a new line will be build, the complete kilometers or parts of the kilometers will be adapted from the route, the symbols of the route-WPs are registered in the drawing and eventually existing text will be entered in the information field.

So it is easy, for example to print a calculated road route fast, appealing and clearly to take away.

Creating roadbook from track

Please select a preferred track in the QV-Xplorer and then Copy in roadbook from the popup menue. In comparison to routes for tracks it will be created a picture only to those track points, which have a text in the information field. In every case the kilometerage will be identified with the distances between the track points. With track records in short intervalls you will get usually the exact distance.

To create a roadbook from a track, follow the steps below:

  • Edit the track with the edit-function, until it shows exactly the preferred route from the start to the end.
  • Follow the track onto a clearly map from the start to the end. At every important point, where you would like to have an instruction in the roadbook, write down the text, for example “Turn right to the small path, which goes up to the top of the hill”, into the information field of the track point.
  • Update the statistic, to calculate a new kilometerage
  • Select Copy in roadbook from the popup menue in the Xplorer, to create the roadbook
  • Now you can make a fine tuning, for example entering some drawings or pictures
  • Saving, printing, finish
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