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QuoVadis up to Version needs at least Windows XP Servicepack 3, DirectX 9 and the .Net 3.5 and .Net 4.0 runtime libraries. In Windows XP SP 3 the .NET 3.5 framework is installed as part of the operating system. In Windows 8 the .NET 3.5 is not installed anymore. If for what ever reason .net 3.5 or .net 4.0 is missing on your computer installation, you will get a message and in most cases a download-link to the Microsoft-homepage.
Watch out!! From QuoVadis Windows XP is no longer supported. Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 is required.

Download of .NET 3.5 SP1 Installation:
- the Web Installer .net3.5 SP1
- the complete setup .net3.5 SP1
- the complete setup .net4.0
- - tips for installing the .NET 3.5 under Windows 8

For Windows 10 .net3.5 und .net4 can be activated in “control panel” using “programs and features”> „Activating and deactivating Windows features“ (this is a free translation of the required menu items, if someone knows the exact terms, please send info!). Whereas this activation was not required with the Windows 10 installations and upgrades I did, these items were always already activated and QV7 could simply be installed. Several reruns of windows update may be required after activating these items, until windows update does not offer any new updates any more. Then rerun QuoVadis7 installation and try again.

Download DirectX 9 installer:
- DirectX 9 web installer, which will retrieve all required components from www

Graphics-Card, proper drivers:
For the graphics-card of your PC it is required to have the proper drivers installed. On OS Installation, Windows may have installed some kind of generic drivers, which will definitely not fit the needs of QuoVadis 6. In this case, trying to load a map will usually end up with a black screen. In this case, install the proper driver for your chipset!

Data-transfer from previous versions

Per Default QuoVadis 7 will be installed so, that the previous QV5/6 data-list, which contains your data, maps and activations, can be used furthermore. You can also make an optional new installation for a new data-list under common documents\QuoVadis 7_Data.In this case you have to copy your data on your own.

Upgrade from TTQV4

If you have QV4 already installed on your PC, please make a backup of your data before continuing. Therefore it is sufficient to make a copy of the QU4 folder, i.e. just copy the all files from C:\Program files\QV4\QU4 to a directory of your choice, e.g. to C:\Program files\QV4\QU4_backup. It is also recommended to compress your QV4 databases before you continue. QuoVadis 6 will optionally migrate all your existing data to QuoVadis 6. QV4 stays untouched and can be used parallel to QuoVadis 6. The map files will not be duplicated, they stay in their original directories.

Upgrade from TTQV5/QV6

If you had installed TTQV5 already, we recommend a backup of your data before you will start the installation. Therefore you can copy the complete content of the TTQV5_Data-folder and all in QV-Xplorer connected lists.

By default QV7 will continue using your existing QV-Data folder. So you keep all your data, licenses and settings. Optional you can choose to use a new QV-Data-folder in Common Documents\QV7_data. In this case you must copy your data manually. It is recommended to de-install the previous version.


To install QuoVadis you need to be logged in as an administrator (with administrator rights).

Start QV7_SETUP.EXE, either form your installation-cd or directly from your hard drive, if you have downloaded it from our website! Please follow the instructions of the setup.

Online Activation:

After the first installation QuoVadis 6 will run for 25 days in the demo-mode. This means, that you can test all features as if you were using the “QuoVadis 6 Poweruser” licence.

After the end of demo-time, QuoVadis 6 will reduce the range of the features to the “QuoVadis 6 Freeware” Licence.

If you had purchased an extended licence then you have received a serial number(SN). Please enter this SN at the online Activation window at ? - Aktivierung and follow the instructions of th activation wizzard for online activation.

You will find detailed instructions at the chapter Activation (d).

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