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Calculating street routes

Activating the Street-Routing function:

In order to open the street-routing module in QuoVadis click this image1174685564.jpg icon. The street-routing window will open which is initially empty:


Searching for address

By clicking the Search for name image2080817584.jpg icon, a window will open allowing for various search functions related to names and addresses. To search for addresses, choose the NAVTEQ address tab:

You will have to define the country first from the pull-down menu.

The fileds ZIP-code, City, Street and No. are AND / OR input fileds. So it is not obligate to complete all fileds but the more filelds you are using the less results will be listed and suggested. After making your inputs just press Enter to see the listed results.

Choose the data set which fits your needs and click the  image1174685564.jpg icon to copy the entry to the station list of the street-routing window.

Enter Point from map

You can also enter a starting, stop-over or destination point directly in any map using a left-click of your mouse. To do this simply click the Enter position in map image1556011490.jpg icon, switch to the map window and click to the desired position.

After the starting, stop-over-points-and destination points have been entered, the station list may like sililar to this:

If you have the need to alter this list, the following options are available:

Deleting points from the station list

To delete a point form the station list, simply mark the point(s) and click the delete image1045308397.jpg icon.

Start with a new route navigation

If you want to start a completely new route calculation, simply click the New image1430242763.jpg icon. The complet street-routing window ill be cleared.

Copying points to the clipboard

If you want to copy any station point  for another use, e.g. to add it as a waypoint, you can copy it to the clipboard by clicking the copy image527969107.jpg icon.

Saving search queries

If you want to save a given search querie you can do so clicking the Save image1551710428.jpg icon. An assistant will open (see capter Search Functions) for further information.

Before calculating the route you should continue with specifying your routing preferences. Please refer to Street-Routing Preferences.

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