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Data backup

All user data, databases, settings and licence data are stored in the QV Data folder which is usually located at Workingspace\Common Documents\QuoVadis 6_Data.

Please backup at least this folder on a regular bases!

You will find detailles information in the chapter Storage location of data.

Remark: In case you have connected additional directories to your QV X-Plorer, you should backup the corresponding folders as well!

The Compress function in the database menu automatically creates back-up copies of the compressed databases with the same file names, but the suffix *.BAK.

An easy way to do a quick backup of all your databases is the function Quick backup - End from the Files Menu. This ends QV, but before it creates a Zip-file containing all your databases, even from connected, active folders. You can choose the location of this zip, default is the desktop. The name of this zip contains the current date e.g.

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