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Data transfer between PCs

Transferring data between different QV PC platforms is so easy that QV even does not need a specific function for this task:

Just copy the relevant QU5 database to any transfer medium (CD, DVD, memory stick, external hard disk, mail-attachment, etc.) and save it at the other PC into the QV Data directory. Usually, this is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\QuoVadis 6_Data\qu5\

You will find the relevant database if you select the directory in the QV X-Plorer or from the map window by choosing X-Plorer from the pop-up menu after a right-click with your mouse at any spot of the map. On the list window on the upper right of the X-Plorer you will see all elements of this database listed with file size and the path.

After restarting QV at the PC to which the data have been transferred, the databasse will automatically appear in the directory tree of the X-Plorer window. The data will be transferred completely; however, if the database is referring to linked tables, you might have to assign the correct paths manually if this PC uses another directory structure.

You will find further information under Copying of Maps in the chapter X-Plorer Window.

If you are going to exchange data with another PC frequently (for example between your  stationary PC and your notebook) we recommend to use separate databases for your maps and GPS data. This will save you from the need of correcting your map paths frequently because map tables will normally not change while waypoints, routes and track tables do change frequently. If you follow this recommendation you will only have to copy the databases containing your GPS data.

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