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World map - world atlas doesn't work

The world map from the QuoVadis-DVD (or the download) is installed but doesn't open or QuoVadis 7 crashes when trying to open. In this case we recomment to reinstall this map.

Reinstalling the world map

- delete the entry for the world atlas in the QV-Xplorer, it is regulary located in the data bank “world atlas” but please check!
- then crompress the QuoVadis 7 data banks, cursor on “QV-Data”, icon “database…”, “copress”
- then options, settings program, “recover all settings”, QuoVadis 7 will now be shut dwon
- now just run the setup for the world atlas again!
- start QuoVadis 7

Notice: A previous deinstallation of the world map through Windows control panel/system/program is not necessary.

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